Simplify to amplify

Client: Djøf
solution: CVI


Djøf is the professional organization of social science and business economics professionals and aspiring achievers. These are the go-getters of both public and private sectors.

Our ambition was to help Djøf redefine their CVI to mirror the essence of who they are; optimizing, holistic, and structured minds. We undertook the task of simplifying their CVI, with a keen focus on colors and elements, making it not just user-friendly but a vibrant representation, both internally and externally.


We adopted a "Simplify to Amplify" approach, transforming Djøf's CVI into a dynamic and streamlined representation. This involved defining primary, secondary, and tertiary colours that can be used in various formats, including RGB, HEX, CMYK, and PANTONE.

Additionally, we conducted an overhaul of their visual elements, resulting in a clear and consistent photographic and illustrative style. By optimizing their visual expression, we successfully aligned it with their identity, providing a harmonious representation for Djøf and its members.