The Danish official football song

Client: Carlsberg Denmark
Solution: World Cup 2022 campaign

In 1986 the Danes contributed with inputs to the song Re-Sepp-Ten, which today still is the absolute banger of Danish football songs.

The co-writer back then was the living legend Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen, whom we invited in to do it again. This time we created a team around Jarl with the top selling Danish songwriters, Burhan G, Ankerstjerne and Nicolai Seebach.

The team was ready. The Danes emptied their hearts and gave us more than 30.000 words as inputs to the new football song.

The song is a gift from Carlsberg and DBU (Danish Football Association) and is a song that the Danes have been a proud part of.

We produced a music video including the national football team singing a long, the Danish fans and the band. The song is published together with Sony Music and is available on all streaming platforms.

In the campaign we used quotes from the song to engage on all platforms as well as creating unique campaign cans with the title of the song.