Carlsberg 1883:
Brewed on a good story


Carlsberg was introducing a brand-new beer to the market, but nobody was requesting a new taste from Carlsberg. So, the Carlsberg 1883 had to be made relevant and interesting in a new way. Their wish to talk about the brewing methods gave us a new obstacle, since brewing methods are not the biggest game changer. The campaign had two clear goals – to unfold the unique heritage of Carlsberg 1883 and to ensure an increase in short-term sales.

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Storytelling was crucial for the launch of the new beer in a competitive FMCG category with a wide range of products on offer. We needed to focus on the recreation of a beer from 1883 to stage the heritage, quality and craftsmanship of Carlsberg and with Mads Mikkelsen, we already had a valuable and recognized face for the crowd.

200.000 people visited the campaign site.


With the brand strategy “Brygget på en god historie” [Brewed on a good story], the heritage of Carlsberg was made relevant and present. The campaign was presented on different platforms with a unique storytelling format. On TV, Mads Mikkelsen was key, while on SoMe we went all in on telling the story, using article series, influencers and contests to serve the beer and its rebirth. We backed it up with strategically placed ads and a feature site with all the information gathered in a podcast. And slowly, the story of Carlsberg 1883 was told.


Over 15 million views, 200,000 visitors to the campaign site and a sales gain of 1% market share even with a 60% higher price per litre.
Moreover, Warner Brothers continued its telling of the story in a documentary shown on Discovery.





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