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Arbejdernes Landsbank:
AL2 - A bank with an extra dimension


Arbejdernes Landsbank wanted to show that they are a different and forward-looking bank, and opened a different kind of subsidiary on the first floor on top of Emmery’s at Nørreport Station. This unique location was turned into a hangout space for meetings, group work or chatting, anything but doing banking business, plus it is open on weekends. How could we communicate this concept in the core spirit of the bank while showing that this bank really stands out from the crowd?

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AL is a regular bank, yet it is not. They are a little less solemn and a little more open. Being named most preferred bank by the Danes 9 years in a row might reflect that their values match the Danish mindset. If we could take that essence into the new subsidiary, it would create a feeling of being welcome. Having your coffee at a bank is, in fact, not the most ordinary thing in the world.

The square root symbolizes that the bank is in a way being multiplied by itself.


To highlight that this subsidiary of Arbejdernes Landsbank was untraditional, we named it AL2. The square root symbolizes that the bank is in a way being multiplied by itself. The experience there would therefore go beyond the ordinary, having more depth and more dimensions to it. The name also goes hand in hand with economics because of its mathematical origin, and creates an expectation of more than the rational offer. Today, AL2 is a well visited bank and the ambition of standing out has been fulfilled.





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