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The Danish sports car company, Formula Automobile, showcases cars from the high-end brands Ferrari and Maserati, as well as being a leasing company for other luxury cars. They are the only provider in the country that sell cars to the whole of the North. In 2019, Formula moved to a new high-end location just outside Copenhagen and were in need of a serious brush up on their position, visual identity and tone of voice.

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Yellow helped to communicate the common passion for exclusive cars that Formula share with their clients. It was important not to come across as being only for the fancy ones, which could cause people to distance themselves. Therefore, we set up a strategy to be more visual and present to people, as well as improve the visual universe to gather passionate car fans – regardless of segments – with a more professional and exclusive perception.

A serious brush up on their position, visual identity and tone of voice.


We designed a new CVI based around an interpretation of the existing Formula Automobile logo. The new CVI was applied to all types of communication, events and activities in order to establish the beginning of a small community. An example of one such activity is the concept ´Cars’N’Coffee’, which brings people with the same passion together on different Sundays to geek out about cars.





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